Brick Layer Insurance Package

An all-in-one insurance package, specifically targeting the specific risks and seasonal requirements associated with being a brick layer.

Every profession has different insurance needs, so it is important that you take the time to consider the risks associated with your particular industry before selecting your insurance cover.

As a brick layer operating within Australia, you are exposed to many occupational hazards that require specific insurance. It is important that you find the right cover to protect your business.

To provide the most accurate insurance for brick layers, the following key areas should be considered:

Illness, injury or death caused to employees, contractors or the general public

Loss or damage of personal property, including tools

Loss or damage of equipment or machinery

Loss or damage of vehicles

Pre-existing structural faults or damage

In the past, brick layers would need to apply multiple insurance policies to ensure that their business, clients and employees are completely protected, but this can be extremely expensive, time consuming and stressful.

The insurance covers applicable to brick layers operating within Australia include:

Machinery and equipment

Commercial motor


Worker's Compensation

Some insurance companies only offer 'bundled' insurance solutions that only contain policies for general business-related risks, but they do not consider the individual needs of brick layers.

These generic insurance solutions often include additional coverage which is not even relevant to your profession and can sometimes leave you unprotected against the common risks and occupational hazards you face with each project.

Without the relevant insurance, your business will be accountable for financial and legal compensation and the repercussions could be damaging.

Fortunately, there is now an affordable solution available, which only includes the specific insurance cover relevant to brick layers, in one complete insurance solution. The benefits of applying one insurance package to satisfy all business requirements include:

One low fee to fit within your budget

One set of paperwork to file

One insurance broker to contact for all enquiries, concerns and claims

Don't leave your investments exposed; make sure you are completely insured. Before applying insurance, contact your local broker and ask about the Brick Layer Insurance Package. You will receive information about the policies included and how they apply to your investments.

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